Clash of Clans Maxed Out Bases – Time and Money Required

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Clash of Clans is one of those strategy war games where you have to play with limited resources. Every clasher dreams to max out his base by spending all the available resources. Here, one thing should always be kept in mind that maxing out of base is not at all easy. You have to spend tons of resources to achieve it. Moreover, maxing out your base is different at different Town Hall levels. Still, there are many players who succeed in maxing out their bases because they use right kind of strategy and use their resources wisely. After reading this article, you will be able to achieve Clash of Clans max stage with patience, motivation, and dedication. It is also advisory to max out any Town Hall level rather than trying to max out at every level. It is quite informative that you will find a few clashers maxing out their bases at any level.

Importance of Maxing Out at Every Single TH Level

Most of the players dream Clash of Clans max bases at every TH level but do not succeed. This is mainly because the game becomes harder and challenging at every new TH level. At every new level, you may lose your attacks frequently and also may avail less loot. This increases your cost because you have to buy more upgrades to max out your base. You may need more attacks and trained bigger armies which is not possible due to extra costs. In this situation, it is imperative to try maxing out your base with the help of small milestones and use solid tactics. Following are some strategies that you can use to max out your base at any level.

1. Choose a Suitable Base

The very first thing that a player should always keep in mind to achieve Clash of Clans max is to choose a suitable base. There are different kinds of bases available for the players. The two mostly used and preferred bases are ‘Trophy Rush’ and ‘Farming’. These are the two bases known for good protection of your resources when you are offline. Trophy rushing demands the upgrade of barracks, army camps, and laboratories. On the other hand Farming helps you collect a lot of material and then upgrade walls, defenses, collectors, and storages. There are certain kinds of hybrid bases available. These are never good for you to max out your bases. Therefore, always avoid these bases. Here, it is pertinent to mention that many players select good base but make wrong use of it.

2. Avoid Spending much on Attacks but Max Out Collectors

The next strategy that will help you max out your base is to avoid spending too much on attacks. This is because you will have to use dragon army to capture others’ bases. And, it will take ages to train such an army again. Also, do not try to spend much on walls and defenses because it will take you long to upgrade your heroes, elixir, and other resources. Instead, max out your collectors because these will help you upgrade resources faster.

3. Plan Upgrades Wisely

upgrade collectors

You can achieve Clash of Clans max level everything if your upgrades are planned wisely. Many of the hard core clashers lose the game because of wrong planning of resources because it exposes their defense before the attackers. I have noticed that many of the clashers upgrade the resources that come to their mind first which is totally wrong. This is because wrong upgrades weaken your defenses. Prioritize your defenses and wizards over walls and other buildings. Here, it is advisory to upgrade mortars and air defenses because these can help you control the attacks of a special creature.

4. Decision to Participate in Clan War or Not

Clash of Clans is all about taking wise decisions and making choices. Therefore, you should decide whether to take part in clan war or not to max out your base. Most of the expert players are of the view that you should never participate in clan war if you are farming. This is because you will have to spend a lot on training of huge armies but have less chances of attack. The chances of winning clan war diminish if you go with only a few attacks per day. You can only win clan war if you can manage multiple attacks every day. In other words, you can win clan war if you are an active player.

After reading the entire article, we can conclude that you can easily max out your base by using the above strategies. The only thing required is your motivation, determination, and above all your patience. This is because it usually takes long to upgrade your resources that are helpful in maxing out your base.

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