Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK – Unlimited Gold, Souls and Ring

clash of lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK is the modified version of the original game Clash of Lords that has attracted tons of players to it. The game focuses on strengthening the bases and attacking the bases of opponents and captures their lands.

The main difference between original and the modified versions of the game is the availability of fifty different heroes with more than usual powers to attack the enemy bases.

The game offers the players an ultimate control over the actions taking place thereby making them warlords. If you are also a game geek, it would be a golden chance for you to download hacked version of the game and explore the world of mystery. is regularly updating the game and adding more features to take your gaming experience into a new realm of wonder. In spite of its attractive and innovative features, the players have to exhibit strong will power to stand out successful at the end.


Like all other strategy games, Clash of Lords 2 comes with many of those and also added features. Due to its innovative features, the game has become one of the most downloaded apps on Play store with a good rating of 4.6. Some of those features are:

1. Availability of Unlimited Building Tools

The main focus of almost all the strategy games is to build your defences and emancipate the defences of others. This is possible only if there are frequent and timely upgrades and renewal of various resources. Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK provides many tools to build your defences against enemy attacks. These resources include hundred of walls, towers, buildings and much more. Do not worry about their costs as these are all free. You have to just login daily to ensure the availability of these resources. Similarly, there are many other resources like minerals that are quite helpful in increasing the capital being used in the business.

2. Supports Online Playing

Another very attractive feature of this latest version of the game is that it supports online playing. This means that you can play the game online and share your statistics with others. Not only this, you can make friends with the players through chat facility. Online playing also enables the players to fight either with their friends or make alliances with friends and fight against common enemies. You can also improve your gaming experience by comparing the scores of other players with you.

3. Unlimited Gold, Souls, and Rings

Most of the clashers prefer playing this game because of the availability of unlimited gold, soul, and rings. The players can upgrade buildings, create spells, and buy various items of their choice from the mystery shop. Unlimited souls are beneficial in armouring the buildings. These help the players to check whether all the buildings are properly armoured or not. Unlimited souls are also a very good resource because it helps to level up all the mercenaries at 30th level because it is the stage where all the skills of a person are automatically activated. The best and the beneficial use of unlimited rings are to buy heroes. There are 50 different kinds of heroes each with its own particular power.

4. Lucky Spins

One of the innovative and attractive features of this modified version of the game is the facility of lucky spins. These spins are a good way to increase your resources. You can win gold, souls, rings, unlimited jewels, and much more free of cost. These resources then can be used for building troops and bases. Every clasher should try his luck on this wheel because it can change the overall scenario of the game for a player.

5. Secret Code

Last but not least, Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK provides certain secret codes to get mini rewards. These codes are called Clash of Lords 2 secret codes and are shared on social media platform after every few days. Many of the clashers believe that these secret codes prove beneficial when there is need for resources. You can get either 10K or 50K souls, 100 gems, or about 50 heroes.

Download and Install

Like all other modified versions of the CoC game, Clash of Lords 2 Mod APK can be downloaded from the official Fuschia servers of Here, it is important to mention that currently the game is available for android. The devices running android version 4.0.3 are compatible with it. The download and installation can be done by changing the security settings of the device. This is because these changes in security settings will allow the device to accept application from unknown source. The developers have promised to bring IPA files for iOS users in the next update. IPA file helps the iOS device to connect with PC.

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Wrapping Up

Clash of Lords 2 mod is really good application for players looking to grow their bases as quickly as possible. This mod makes use of private servers to deliver the hacked content over the network. All players making use of this mod get unlimited amount of gold, rings trophies, and gems. Heroes hall is also upgraded to the maximum level. The tedious part of collecting these resources is removed so that the player only focuses on strategizing the next attack on enemies.